58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

01698 891 173


58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

01698 891 173


Welcome to Hopscotch Nursery

A warm, safe and caring environment.

Situated 3 mins from Hamilton Town Centre and Central Station.

1140 hours of funded childcare available now for eligable 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Please give us a phone or email for more information.
*All applications for the upcoming session must be submitted by February 28th * Want to know more?

01698 891 173


We have a variety of top quality rooms for your children

Explorers and Adventurers

Babies & Toddlers up to 3 Years

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Inquirers and Analysers

Kindergarten & funded sessions aged 3-5 Years

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After school and holiday club

Out of school Clubs, age 5-16 years

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At Hopscotch we have a large outdoor space where we bring the indoors outdoors. A large mud kitchen and wooden cabin which offers children the opportunites to develop literacy and numeracy skills and explore their creative side.


Need a helping hand? There's several vouchers and entitlement schemes to help out!

Council help

You may apply to South Lanarkshire Council for your entitlement to your free hours of early learning and childcare and request that your child be granted a place in our centre. We would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Government help

Government help with childcare costs for employees. Eligible parents could get up to £2,000 per child, per year, to spend on qualifying childcare. More information here


Here's what our current children and parent's have to say about Hopscotch!

News and upcoming events

Need to know the latest news or any of our upcoming events, look no further!

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Keep up to date with your childs progress at every parents personal journal

Stay positive

A little message from everyone at Hopscotch.

Easy to use home learning ideas for children under five can be found here.

Stay positive

A little message from everyone at Hopscotch.

Hi Everyone, at this really difficult time of year nursery practitioners across the country have got together with radio Clyde to produce our very own SLOSH’D remix to raise funds for Cash for Kids to support our most vulnerable children at Xmas. If you could please manage to donate even a couple of pounds it will add up to a significant difference to the lives of children in Scotland 🙏 we have already had a shout out on the radio and will be posting our appeal on social media. Please give here if you can 🙏.


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58 Tuphall Road




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