58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

01698 891 173


58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

01698 891 173


Hopscotch nursery is a reliable child care service founded in 1995

We provides a warm, safe and caring environment for all children aged 0-16 years old.

01698 891 173

About us

Everything you need to know about Hopscotch childcare services


Children can indulge themselves in out of school clubs, outings and other activities. We encourage all our children to remain active all day.


Our curriculum planning is responsive to each child’s individual needs and abilities.

Opening times

We are open from 7:30am until 6pm Monday to Friday for 50 weeks of the year. We close for Christmas & New Year and on Easter Monday.


We keep our parents as up to date as possible with our journals


We will provide lunches and snacks produced by our professionally qualified chef who can cater for any special dietary needs.


You may apply to South Lanarkshire Council for your entitlement to your free hours of early learning and childcare and request that your child be granted a place in our centre. We would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Meet the team

Meet the teams looking after your little ones
Explorers and Adventurers

A qualified, enthusiastic and experienced team, dedicated to creating a safe, calm and Nurturing environment through child lead play.

Inquirers and Analysers

A qualified, enthusiastic and experienced team, who are committed to developing our children's learning needs through stimulating and exciting child lead learning.

After school club

A enthusiastic and passionate team delivering challenging and stimulating experiences related to the children's passions and interests.


58 Tuphall Road




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01698 891 173

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Opening times:

Monday 07:30-18:00
Tuesday 07:30-18:00
Wednesday 07:30-18:00
Thursday 07:30-18:00
Friday 07:30-18:00